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What’s missing from my software as a service (SAAS) agreement?

As customers continue to embrace Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions that are hosted in the cloud, rather than traditional software solutions that are loaded onto and hosted on the customer’s own environment, they should closely review the contract that will govern their relationship with their SAAS provider. Frequently, we see SAAS contracts that are missing certain basic (and key) requirements that serve to protect SAAS customers.

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Health care reform: “employer mandate” guidance issued

The U.S. Treasury Department recently released new guidance to assist employers (generally those with 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent employees) in preparing and planning for the 2014 requirement to offer affordable minimum essential health coverage to their employees, and to help employers who have close to 50 employees determine whether the requirement to provide affordable minimum essential health coverage applies to them.

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Worker turnover is poised to pick up, adding urgency to employers’ focus on retention

As the economic recovery chugs along and gives the labor force more reason to be confident in its durability, human resource experts say that highly skilled workers are increasingly willing to abandon the safety net of their current jobs in search of new employment opportunities.

This expected uptick in voluntary turnover, which some employers are seeing already and which experts predict will accelerate in 2013, adds increased urgency to a problem that many employers had already identified as critical: They are struggling to retain their most talented workers.

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A Mere 3 Seconds Can Make You Screw Up at Work

Even tiny interruptions can derail your train of thought and increase mistakes, new research shows. Short interruptions—such as the few seconds it takes to silence that buzzing smart phone—have a surprisingly large effect on one’s ability to accurately complete a task, according to new research.

The study, in which 300 people performed a sequence-based procedure on a computer, found that interruptions of about three seconds doubled the error rate.

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Health care reform: preparations for 2014 pay or play rules should begin now

By far the most important issue for employers to consider under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the employer “free rider penalty,” often referred to as “pay or play.” Instead of forcing employers to provide group health insurance to employees, ACA imposes a tax on employers if they don’t offer coverage to all or substantially all of their full-time employees (and their dependents), or if that coverage fails to meet certain conditions. This “pay or play” tax is memorialized in Section 4980H of the Internal Revenue Code.  The IRS recently issued comprehensive proposed regulations on pay or play, which summarize and synthesize previous IRS notices and sub-regulatory guidance.

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Data protection & privacy laws 2012

Most large US companies have begun to focus on data security risks in structuring processes and products, and in dealing with vendors and customers. Those companies at least recognize that they must make meaningful changes to keep pace with data security and legal risks flowing from their ever-increasing collection, storage and use of proprietary and personal data. But many firms of all sizes lag woefully behind.

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New Study Shows Happy People Make More Money

It’s a common conception that money can buy happiness. But a study published this November in the journal Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences suggests the opposite could be true: Happiness buys money. The study found that people who are already happy thanks to a positive upbringing tend to make more money as adults.

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Warren Buffett’s Four Tips for Closing the Deal

Small businesses have limited resources and every decision is crucial. You need to know when to jump on an opportunity and when it’s too good to be true. And no one knows how to do this better than uber businessman Warren Buffett.

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Why Millionaires Prefer Dogs Over Cats

Dogs and millionaires have a lot in common. They are relentless opportunists (especially when it comes to rewards). They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They defend their turf. And in general, they don’t like cats.

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The Affordable Care Act: Form W-2 reporting for 2012

In addition to the changes in health plans caused by the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), the ACA also created new taxes and changed some tax reporting requirements. Beginning in January 2013, employers will be required to report the amount the value of certain health coverage costs on an employee’s Form W-2. These items must be reported on the Forms W-2 for the 2012 tax year that are due to be issued by the end of January 2013.

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