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Why You Should Ask Your Employees For Their Social Media Passwords

Before the House of Representatives passed the CISPA Act last month there was a last minute effort to include a provision that would explicitly ban employers from requiring their employees to hand over their social media passwords. The amendment was rejected, but it reopens the door for discussion on the topic.

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Social Media Policy: Why You Should Have One and How to Create One

It is your job to guide your business’s online culture and protect your brand’s online persona. Provide guidelines for your employees in the form of a Social Media Policy. This written document, similar to other codes of conduct you have for employees, will let them know what type of behavior you expect from them online and any limits as to what business-related information they can share in the public stream.

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Business Lessons From Mega-Entrepreneur Richard Branson

Like many entrepreneurs, Richard Branson loves creating things. He sees problems in the world and provides solutions. But unlike others, he has established many different businesses. In fact, in his 40+ years as an entrepreneur, he has developed over 100 brands.

Branson has given a lot of advice along the way. He has spoken on topics of starting a business, running a business, managing people, and hiring people. Let’s get into what he advises entrepreneurs.

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Are You A Sole Proprietor? Maybe You Should Fire Yourself.

What would you do if you discovered that the secret to your success online lay in firing yourself? Would you do it?

That’s the question Alex, a freelance copywriter, had to face.

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Consider introducing your employees to the IRS before it introduces them to you

The IRS wants employers to get to know their employees, if they do not know them already, and the agency has two effective tools to help them do that.  The first tool, audit and enforcement, has been used for a long time; it is well-worn, and many would say the IRS is proficient in its use.  The second tool, the Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP), is a bit newer, but many employers are finding it effective and preferable to the traditional audit tool.  Both tools are designed to achieve worker classification that discloses a taxpayer’s employees.

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Are you doing a quarterly retirement plan loan checkup?

With a down economy, many employers are seeing an increase in loan requests from retirement plan participants.  With an increase in loan requests comes an increase in loan administrative concerns.  In fact,IRS officials have informally stated that they are seeing an increase both in loan applications and in loan defaults.

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New HIPAA regulations will require providers to revise notices of privacy practices

Since the publication of the final HIPAA Omnibus Rule (the “Omnibus Rule”) on January 17, 2013, health care publications have been replete with summaries highlighting changes. What seems to be lacking, however, are practical pointers on what Covered Entities need to do to come into compliance with the new regulations by the compliance deadline, September 23, 2013. One HIPAA-driven form which will certainly require updating due to changes in the regulations is the Covered Entity’s Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP).

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Hackers Are Multiplying and Targeting the U.S.

Editors note: This story mostly focuses on shoring up vulnerabilities of government agencies and large corporations, but small and medium businesses need to take the threat seriously as well. Here’s the story…

Dire warnings from Washington about a “cyber Pearl Harbor” envision a single surprise strike from a formidable enemy that could destroy power plants nationwide, disable the financial system or cripple the U.S. government.

But those on the front lines say it isn’t all about protecting U.S. government and corporate networks from a single sudden attack. They report fending off many intrusions at once from perhaps dozens of countries, plus well-funded electronic guerrillas and skilled criminals.

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Experts dispute value of Obama’s proposal to hike minimum wage

Advocates of a proposal to raise the minimum wage argue that it will lift millions of low-wage workers out of poverty, but opponents say the plan would have the opposite effect, killing jobs and making it more difficult for some to find work.

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Five CEO myths – and what every manager can learn from them

Chief executives today must operate in a more intense, more intricate business environment, and new CEOs are particularly under pressure. During their first months on the job, CEOs will study company structure, immerse themselves in company culture, and develop a plan suited to their vision for the organisation’s long-term success.

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